About Us


Giant Cinema is about providing a platform of entertainment that allows the viewer to have control over the product that they want to see. It’s about allowing the producer to have the freedom to maintain the integrity of the viewing experience that they originally intended while being able to control how much they want to receive in revenue. It’s about providing the advertiser with total freedom to control their budget, target the smallest niche and maximize their return. Giant Cinema is about introducing freedom into a market that is so overrun with control. It’s about establishing a relationship between the viewer and the film producer so that in the end, the people get the product that they want. It’s about adding free market principles to industry so that the demand of the people is heard. It’s about freedom.

Come with us on a journey of changing an industry and developing a far more creative product that is more responsive and reflective of what the people demand.

Ross Callen

Founder, Chief Executive Spud
Giant Cinema, Inc.