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You earn 10% of the commercial time that runs on your friends and neighbors TVs, tablets, phones, and more! If you would like to get a head start, you can establish your sack of potatoes before we open soon!   Hurry, and sign up your friends before your friends sign you up!

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Get a Head Start While We Are Beta Testing!

While we are currently Beta-Testing our platform, we are allowing you to establish your sack of spuds! Beta Testing allows us to work out all of the kinks before we are open for business, and allows you a chance to build a big group of spuds that can bring you an income once we do open. We expect our Beta program to be very short.

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How do I Get Paid?

Once we open, you will earn 10% of the ad revenue that runs during the movies and shows for each of the accounts that you sign up! Each movie producer establishes their own advertising rates so the amount you will receive will vary, but the more you sign up, the more you will get paid!

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Progress Update!!!

We are excited to report it has been 28 months in production and we have fully completed programming on our movie streaming platform! We are now in the process of trying to fund our launch. We have several options that we are exploring based on the amounts we receive from potential investors. We are certainly looking forward to introducing the best freedom based media streaming platform on the web. We thank everyone for your support!